The Academy for Youth Empowerment

The Academy for Youth Empowerment (AFYE) was founded in September 1993. Due to the founder involvement in the community, it heightened the awareness that children from disadvantaged families were not always afforded the opportunity to gain key life skills and experiences that could empower them to be academically enriched, healthy and personally fulfilled in life. The organization is founded based on the belief that all people are capable of achieving their full potential if social, cultural and legal barriers to their success are recognized and addressed.

Mission Statement

The mission of AFYE is to provide personalized programs that are intended to empower youth and families offering tools to help develop life-long skills.


Every person can achieve their fullest potential and to become a responsible citizen and a leader committed to giving back to the community.


To close the gap for the socially and economically disadvantage youth and families in the Memphis community.


AFYE concentrates its educational and community outreach programs to enrich lives through character building for disadvantaged youth and families as well as empowering them to become economically self-sufficient. Personalized programs and activities are designed to focus on self-reliance skills, academic achievement, leadership training, career development, financial responsibility, cultural arts, preventive healthcare and community service.

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